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Top Articles in December

Don’t Miss Our Top 5 Articles from December: Holiday Job Searching, Tech Market Update & More!

APC’s top articles this past month included information on job searching during the holidays, the benefit of thought leadership content to your business, the latest advancements in AI technology, a booming market despite tech giant layoffs, and how tech workers are ditching start-ups for government jobs. Read more in-depthly about these notable topics we’ve covered over the past month:

 1) Job Searching During the Holidays

While it’s the most wonderful time for many, we recognize that it can still be challenging to navigate the job market during the end of the year and through the holidays. LinkedIn professional Andrew Seaman says, “Regardless of the advice you receive or encounter, the key is to keep moving forward in some capacity. Even if hiring does slow down toward the end of the year, hiring IS still happening.”

 2) How does thought leadership benefit your business?

Were you aware of the immense value engaging in thought leadership can bring to your business? There are endless pros to producing this type of content, getting more C-suite executives’ eyes on your business, improving your bottom line, and positioning your company as a trusted advisor in the marketplace. Read more.

 3) Latest Advancements in AI Technology

These days, A.I. really is everywhere. Machine learning technology has made the largest advances over the last few years. Did you know that while many executives believe artificial intelligence will be as disruptive as the Internet, they are still not implementing A.I. into their business? While the idea of A.I. might seem daunting, it’s no secret that being early adopters of the technology can prove to immensely benefit your business in the long run. Think about it this way: if A.I. is going to be as large a disrupter as the internet, can you imagine an instance where a leading technology company in their industry does not take advantage of the greatest technology since the World Wide Web? Read more

 4) A Booming Market Despite Tech Giant Layoffs

Companies like Meta, Google, and Twitter have all recently gone through layoffs and/or hiring freezes. Twitter alone laid off 3,750 of its employees. With this being said, it’s important to remember that the tech sector is clearly worth watching, but it is unique and not necessarily representative of the economy as a whole. Tech incidentally makes up about 2% of our economy. Currently, there are 153.5 million jobs, and on average, there are 1.7 jobs open per worker. Read more.

 5) Tech Workers Ditching Start-ups for Government Jobs

Recently, we’ve covered the booming market despite droves of layoffs and hiring freezes at tech companies, the most recent BLS reports in concern to tech employment and the fall of crypto. Now, in a new angle to the state of tech employment, recent data has revealed that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is quickly scooping up these laid-off tech workersRead more.

And while you’re here, now is the perfect time to assess your 2023 goals as we head into a new year. Whether your company needs a full-service business advisor or just support in specific areas, APC customizes an efficient, cost-effective solution to facilitate strategic goals. And while you’re here, don’t forget to view all of APC’s thought-leadership articles, which cover a range of informational articles for both employers and professionals on topics like resume help, a study on the Great Resignationtop tech hiring trends this year, and more!
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