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Convert your digital resume into a QR code

Convert your digital resume to a QR code for ease of sharing

Our digital worlds have become meshed with our physical ones in the past two years. So in a time when networking opportunities present themselves in a myriad of ways, why not streamline your resume so that you can have it at your fingertips, ready to share with a prospective employer or colleague at a moment’s notice? That’s why we’re showing you how to convert your digital resume to a QR code for ease of sharing. Whether your current resume format is Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF – or something else – we’ll show you how to get a digital copy converted into a QR code for ease of sharing.

So, how can I convert my digital resume to a QR code for ease of sharing?

You can follow the below steps to get your digital resume up and running with a custom QR code:

  1. You’ll first want to ensure you have a digital copy of your resume. The easiest way to do this is by uploading your file to the sharing system of your choice, like Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox.
  2. Once you’ve uploaded your resume to the file-sharing system of your choice, you can get a link by clicking “Get link” in Google Drive or “Copy link” in OneDrive.
    1. Here’s a tip: For most systems like Google Drive and OneDrive, you can right-click on the file you need the link to, and from the drop-down menu that appears, one option should be for “sharing” or obtaining the sharable link.
  3. Use the QR code generator to copy and paste the link you took from your preferred file-sharing site.
  4. You can then download your new QR code by creating a free account with QR Code Generator.

Hopefully, now you’re prepped with another tool in your toolbox to leverage your experience to the next level and streamline your networking interactions.

Let us know if you convert your digital resume to a QR code for ease of sharing, we’d love to hear your stories! Please also view APC’s thought-leadership pieces. These articles cover a range of topics on technology and our Tech Tip Tuesday pieces, business insights, and recent technology news.

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