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Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, Inc.

APC is an award-winning company in operation since 1993. Our focus is helping our clients to get the right people doing the right work at the right time. We deliver services through a suite of Professional Services offerings, and our Professional Staffing team provides top talent in IT, data analytics, engineering, and marketing / general business.

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, APC is a Native-American-owned company with offices throughout the US that support Professionals deployed on Client engagements in over 40 states, and internationally.

about apc

Explore the tabs below to learn more about what makes us “Professionals serving Professionals” ® :


Since 1993, when APC was founded, the company has remained committed to the same cornerstones that have anchored our success and that of our professionals and clients – solid ethics, unwavering integrity, open sharing, empathetic caring, and a constant focus on quality and excellence. It is upon this foundation that our values are built and exemplified through our employees.


We never sacrifice ethics--for any reason.

We deliver on our commitments with exceptional results.

We purposefully create memorable experiences.


APC is formally committed to ethical actions and lawful conduct. All employees and suppliers are expected to comply with state and federal laws and adhere to APC’s Code of Ethics.

APC believes in doing what is morally right and that includes having the courage to acknowledge mistakes. We routinely embrace challenges and understand that learning from successes and problems builds better individuals and stronger organizations. APC operates with honesty and welcomes transparency in communications, transactions and relationships. This includes sharing information, skills, knowledge and in the rewards of success.

Our clients tell us we operate with refreshing business integrity. APC also believes that to understand a client’s project or issue, our teams must be empathetic and genuinely care about their challenges and outcomes. Without this level of care, true success doesn’t happen. We acknowledge that all of these principles set a high bar. To achieve it, APC is constantly striving for a higher level of quality and excellence from our employees and for our clients.



We positively impact the lives of our professionals, clients, and communities.


APC provides results-focused professional services to improve great companies.


To be the company preferred by professionals, the strategic trusted advisor to our clients,

and a leader in the community.


At APC, we pride ourselves on being a unique partner for both our clients and professionals. Below are some key differentiators that set us apart from the rest:

For Job Seekers

Individualized Service & Live Support – When you call any of our APC locations, you’re reaching an in-house expert dedicated to helping you resolve any issues or concerns you may have. In fact, we’ve perfected this level of service so much so that we now provide it as a service offering to our clients! Never hesitate to contact our team for prompt, accurate resolution of HR, accounting, or other employment questions.

Specialized Industry Knowledge – Our recruitment team is highly adept at finding the best talent for our clients and their respective available positions. This can only be accomplished through our recruiters possessing a wealth of industry knowledge and knowing just what it is our clients need. For you, this means our recruiters will be respectful of your time and only share with you positions for which they know you’re strongly qualified.

Award & Recognition Programs – You work hard. And we at APC believe you should be rewarded for it! We have an entire suite of award & recognition programs, including our generous referral program and our Waya Award, which is driven entirely by nominations from our clients. The Waya Award is given quarterly; annually, we send the top performer (and a guest of their choosing) on an all-expenses paid trip!

For Clients

Credibility & Value – Native American owned company, founded in 1993, our client retention is 3X the industry average. APC is a trusted core supplier to many Fortune 500 firms, such as IBM. IBM hiring manager surveys consistently show 90+% client satisfaction with APC.

Employee Retention – Our employee turnover is less than 1/2 the industry average – as a result of our best-in-class benefits and support and our employees’ passion for our clients.

Quality & Cost Savings – APC has proven its quality at the national and international level with our ISO Certification, year over year contract renewals & high client satisfaction results. Our relentless focus on process improvement and efficiency drive cost savings and high quality for our clients.

Talent Delivery – APC’s proprietary PACE recruiting methodology employs extensive technical, behavioral, and cultural screening to provide the right candidates to meet the needs of our clients. We maintain an active network of candidates to enable faster identification and selection based on skills, experience and culture.

Risk Abatement – APC isolates our clients from the risk of non-compliance issues. Over the last 20+ years, APC has undergone many governmental and client audits without ever having a single non-compliance finding. APC’s automated onboarding and offboarding systems ensures compliance with the client, the IRS, and Department of Labor.

Management Information – Client managers have on-line access to onboarding status, purchase order utilization, time sheet history, and invoice history for easy verification, internal audits and forecasting.

Strategic Partner – APC’s professionals assume problem ownership, take a results-oriented approach, are strong team players, and provide leadership and state-of-the-art skills to achieve success for our clients.


At APC, we are real people who enjoy making a real difference in the communities where we live and work. We also strive to be the very best at what we do.

APC has been recognized for the quality of our professionals, corporate client service and business growth. Since 1993, a dedication to core values, excellence, our professionals and our clients has helped APC achieve a variety of industry-leading awards and appear in numerous news articles and press releases.

We have also been fortunate to be recognized by the US Department of Commerce, with APC founder Roy Roberts receiving the award at The White House.

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Diversity & Minority

Diversity Commitment

APC is a Native American-owned business committed to embracing and promoting diversity, and we aggressively work to improve the economic and social conditions of the minority communities we serve. We believe diversity brings new experiences, ideas and opportunities that can address service needs and benefit employees, our clients and our business.

APC is committed to creating a diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, genetics, or veteran status.

We extend our commitment to quality minority-owned businesses by engaging them as suppliers and vendors. We provide equal opportunity to qualified minority, gay, disabled, veteran and women-owned (MWBE) businesses. Since 1999 more than 49 percent of our suppliers have been MWBE suppliers and our supplier-retention rate is near 100 percent. APC’s minority business relationships have and continue to bring rewarding, valued services.

Minority Certification

Corporate Plus® is an unprecedented membership program for minority businesses of the highest caliber. This program was created to address corporate member requests for assistance in identifying minority suppliers with the capacity to fulfill national contracts with the quality and financial means required by large global enterprises.

Corporate Plus® members have demonstrated their capacity to execute national contracts for major corporations. A C-level executive nomination is required from national corporate members for this designation, which elevates APC’s profile among other suppliers in the market.

You can learn more about the program here: NMSDC Corporate Plus® Program

APC has earned the designation of Corporate Plus® member of the NMSDC since 2004.

Additional certifications include:

  • Accenture’s Diverse Supplier Development Program (DSDP)
    APC is a graduate of Accenture’s formal, 18-month program, which matches senior Accenture executive mentors with “protégé” companies to help them grow their businesses. The impact of this program is to develop diverse suppliers which strengthens communities by creating more businesses, jobs, and economic growth. You can learn more here: DSDP Overview


  • Certified by State of North Carolina
    APC is certified as a Historically Underutilized Business by the State of North Carolina.


  • Carolinas Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council (CVMSDC)
    APC is certified as a Native American minority owned business by the CVMSDC.

Supplier Mentor Program

APC is committed to helping American minority suppliers improve their own quality and customer service. Through our Supplier Mentor Program, APC offers a variety of business tools to qualified, minority-owned companies.

  • A 90-page, fact-filled guide created by APC – Best Practices for Business – Becoming a Preferred Supplier
  • On-line training on Tier 2/Supplier performance guidelines
  • Training on compliance with a client’s agreement terms and conditions
  • Training on compliance with a client’s policies and facilities’ rules
  • Audit and feedback on supplier’s performance
  • Frequent presentations on best practices for business at meetings of regional affiliates of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)


To participate in APC’s Supplier Mentor Program, contact us at info@apcinc.com.

Employee Programs

From the very beginning, our company’s focus has been on positively impacting the lives of others. One way in which we do so is by recognizing the efforts and contributions of our professionals as they positively impact our clients’ respective organizations, as well as APC itself. Here are some ways in which we do so:

Cornerstone Award

Recognizing Everyday Excellence

Cornerstone Award

A cornerstone is the primary foundation upon which great buildings, monuments, and institutions are built; quality, integrity, teamwork, attitude, and excellence are the foundation upon which APC’s success is built.

APC’s Cornerstone Award gives both APC leadership and our client managers the opportunity to acknowledge outstanding work. The Cornerstone Award is given to individuals for whom we receive positive feedback from our client managers, including those who receive nominations for the Waya Award.

The Waya Award

Celebrating Extraordinary Professionals

The Waya Award

The Waya Award is perhaps our most known recognition for professionals. On both a quarterly and annual basis, APC’s Waya Award honors a professional’s contributions and quality service to our client with special acknowledgement for their dedication and exemplary work.

Cherokee for “Wolf,” the Waya is a sacred animal to Native Americans and symbolizes family, teamwork, intelligence, dignity, respect, pride in work, loyalty, and success of a mission. Individuals who receive the Waya Award exemplify what it is to live these traits on a daily basis.

You can learn more about the Waya Award here.

Pass The Bucks

Client Referral Program

Pass The Bucks

While participation is not limited solely to APC professionals, our Pass the Bucks program rewards individuals who help drive business growth for APC through new client referrals. Our employees are one of our best sales resources and the Pass the Bucks program provides a generous monetary award for efforts that lead to new business.

If you'd like to learn more, email hr@apcinc.com.

Refer a Friend

Candidate Referral Program

Refer a Friend

Refer your talented friends or former colleagues to career opportunities at APC and if they get hired, earn up to $600 in referral bonus money for each eligible referral!

Current professionals can submit a referral here.

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From Basement Startup to Global Recognition

Like so many great companies, Alliance of Professionals & Consultants (APC) traces its roots to a humble basement. In 1993, APC founder Roy Roberts started his company from home, using his pool table to sort payroll.

The company quickly took off, and what began as a humble, home-based company has grown into a global powerhouse. But one thing hasn’t changed – our values.

our founder, roy roberts

roy roberts apc raleigh

Roy Roberts, 1945-2018

As a seven-year-old boy, Roy Roberts worked on a farm, packaging young tomato plants in damp newspaper to prepare them for sale. Even as a child, he recognized the person with the most education had to do the least hard work and he quickly decided that learning as much as possible would be his path. The choice served him well.

Roy Roberts was an advocate for higher education, as well as entrepreneurship. Roberts used these traits and founded several companies over the years.  At the young age of 48, Roberts retired from IBM and started Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, Inc. (APC). He says his drive came from his mother—she was one of 13 children and was the first in her family to finish high school. Her accomplishment inspired her children, including Roberts, to graduate from college. That tradition endured, and each of Roberts’ five children now has advanced degrees. Roberts also dedicated his time, talents, and gifts to promoting education- such as serving on the Board of Trustees of Brescia University in Kentucky.

Roberts was the chief executive officer of APC for 25 years until his passing in 2018. Roberts sons Troy and Scott now manage APC as the CEO and COO respectively.  After dedicating years to helping others improve their lots in life, Roberts developed a work-life philosophy that he hoped positively impacted everyone within the organizations he created.

APC was founded on these principles and they are ingrained in our company culture still today.

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APC provides business and staffing solutions for dynamic companies and enterprises.

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APC will customize an effective and efficient solution to facilitate strategic goals achievement.
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