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State of Tech Hiring 2022

The State of Tech Hiring in 2022

The market for tech talent has flourished during these challenging times brought on by the pandemic and the urgency it created for organizations to transform digitally. Additionally, much of the tech work performed easily shifted to virtual. Consequently, when looking at the state of tech hiring in 2022, we find tech professionals in high demand. This high demand has translated into new priorities and expectations from job seekers and left employers and hiring managers challenged to adapt or be left behind. At APC, we hope the information presented here can serve as a resource to employers and hiring managers as they rethink their hiring and staffing strategies to meet the demands of the current hiring climate. Specifically in the areas of compensation and the evolution of the hybrid work model. 

Concerning the state of tech hiring in 2022, Tech job openings have surged some 53% year over year in North Carolina, reflecting an even more significant increase nationally (59%) to more than 1.46 million in 2021. The 2022 expectation is a surge to 66%. The demand for tech talent remains most vital in the Triangle, with more than 19,000 openings. In addition, the Charlotte metro has more than 16,000 open positions, a report by NC TECH shows.

IT Roles in High Demand Include:

  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Data Engineer
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Stack Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • System Architects
  • Software Developer
  • .net Developer

The unemployment rate for developers is 1.5%, and developers saw pay increases of more than 13%. In Charlotte, 13.8%, smaller tech hubs like charlotte have become accessible to national talent acquisition efforts due to 100% remote work options.  North Carolina is estimated to grow its tech industry employment by 6.1% by 2026. This list ranks North Carolina 9th out of all the states and on par with the national average. 


Top 5 Tech Occupations in NC

  1. Software Developers, Applications, and Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers
  2. Project Management Specialist and Business Operation Specialists
  3. Systems Architect and Analyst
  4. Computer User Support
  5. Business and Management Analysts (Data)

Tech Hiring is Disrupted

2022 is one of the most challenging times to hire and retain IT professionals. There are several factors influencing this current state of IT hiring. These include demand being up, the supply being down, rising compensation targets, and widening skill gaps. 

The factor with the most significant influence currently is working remotely. It is in very high demand. Companies are now competing against organizations from larger markets that they would not have encountered geographically because of 100% remote work models. As a result of the Covid experience, the digital migration to work from home has proven equally effective and manageable. When considering new opportunities or leaving current roles, professionals have now placed remote work as a top decision-making factor. Other statistics to consider include:

  • The main reason IT professionals look for a new job is better compensation.
  • According to the 70% of the IT workforce searching for a new job, the rise of remote work is a factor. 
  • There was a 357% increase in remote job posts on LinkedIn by Q3 of 2021. 
  • 39% of IT employees consider quitting their job if forced to go back to the office full time. 
  • 75% of workers prefer to work from home one day a week, with 17% choosing a return o their office. 
  • The average worker would ideally want two workdays in the office. 
  • 66% of workers benefit from interpersonal interactions to fuel career growth. 

Did any of these statistics on the state of tech hiring in 2022 surprise you? At APC, we love having three of our primary markets among the top 15 U.S. cities for employment growth. If you’re an experienced IT staffing professional looking to jump-start your career in these booming APC markets, we’re happy to help you elevate your career to the next step. Visit our job board and let us help you find the right position for your needs. 

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