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From the day our company was founded in 1993, APC’s purpose has been to positively impact the lives of our professionals, our clients, and the communities we serve. Our founder, Roy Roberts, knew the importance of giving back and we are proud to continue that work today!

Our two primary nonprofit partners are Healing Transitions and StepUp Ministry. Both of these wonderful organizations help facilitate and advance the livelihoods of their respective participants through workforce development. APC is proud to partner with both groups to positively impact the lives of the program participants and their families.

Here’s more information about each group and the support that APC provides:



APC has a rather unique affiliation to Healing Transitions that started several years ago in a very unexpected way. 

Located just down the street from APC’s headquarters, Healing Transitions is, as their motto states, a place for recovery. Those battling addiction turn to Healing Transitions for a variety of needs. The organization does not turn anyone away from getting assistance, and they particularly focus on making sure these services are available to the under-served, homeless, and uninsured.

Today, APC’s close affiliation with Healing Transitions includes:

APC employee volunteers use their expertise for Healing Transitions participants readying to re-enter the workforce as they near graduation of the 1+ year program by providing them with resume writing assistance & interview coaching.

A bi-weekly computer lab is setup in an APC conference room where soon-to-be program graduates can easily complete online applications with assistance from APC career experts.

Why a pop-up computer lab? Because of the limited bus schedule, program participants going to the public library to use the computers there are unable to get back to the campus for recovery classes & workshops. Space is already at a premium in the Healing Transitions building, so APC’s pop-up lab (created specifically for Healing Transitions) gives the ladies a safe space to complete applications while providing a convenient location that allows them to get back to campus for requisite classes & workshops.

Ongoing paycheck deduction donations allow APC employees & professionals to give towards rideshare service gift cards designated for advanced-level Healing Transitions program participants. These gift cards help get individuals to and from job interviews, along with to and from work for up to two weeks after employment is obtained.

Additionally, an ongoing donation area is located inside the APC office, where employees know they can easily drop off supplies intended for Healing Transitions. A monthly supply focus is posted on an employee bulletin board to highlight current needs, should APC employees happen to have that specific item they can donate.

We also partner with our vendors whenever possible to provide further assistance. For example, APC holds corporate off-site meetings and hosts guests at a couple of hotels in the area. These hotels have generously agreed to donate their gently used pillows at year-end to supply Healing Transitions with an abundance of that much-needed item.


APC has a long-standing relationship with StepUp Ministry and very much believes & supports their mission to transform lives through employment and life skills training. With Wake County’s significant poverty level, the work that StepUp Ministry does is vital to helping break or mitigate poverty cycles and put individuals on trajectories towards more self-sustaining employment. That generational impact extends to positively impact the community at-large as well.

APC is proud to continue to be a financial contributor supporting this important work, as well as to give our employees & professionals the opportunity to get involved through payroll deduction donations. The annual donation amount received through the generous giving of APC employees & professionals increases by double-digit percentages each year and speaks to each individual’s belief in positively impacting lives!

Whether it’s assisting individuals recovering from addiction with workforce re-entry, creating fundraising teams for races, or even donning a Santa costume to deliver an annual Christmas performance & lunch to impoverished senior citizens battling Alzheimer’s, we are fortunate to help meet the needs of a variety of organizations doing tremendous work in our communities.

Some of the opportunities to give back with which APC has been (and often continues to be annually) involved include:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Raleigh Rescue Mission
  • Crisis Assistance Ministry-Charlotte
  • Red Nose Day
  • Walk for Hope
  • Charlotte Food Bank
  • Wake Assisted Living Center’s Annual Christmas Party
  • All-N-Together School Supply Drive
  • Hoops 4 Hunger Food Drive
  • Lumbee Tribal Nation of NC Disaster Relief
  • Raleigh Lung Cancer Walk
  • American Heart Association
  • InterAct
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Raleigh/Wake Human Resource Management Association (RWHRMA) Mentor Program
  • SPCA 3K Dog Walk
  • Operation Unchain Dogs
  • Saving Grace
  • High School Career Exploration Events
  • Dash Down Greenville

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