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Recruiters: Are your practices out of date?

Recruiters: Are your practices out of date?

Recently, we’ve covered the booming market despite droves of layoffs and hiring freezes at tech companies, the most recent BLS reports in concerns to tech employment and the fall of crypto. Now, we’re shifting our focus to offer insights to hiring managers and top decision-makers at companies like the Fortune 500 clients we work with every day. Did you know that many hiring managers still rely on antiquated practices to attract candidates? This creates a gap between recruiters and the decision-makers they work with.

So, even though it’s no secret that it’s a candidate’s market right now, you might wonder why many of these decision-makers still rely on antiquated processes. When in reality, we should be meeting candidates where they’re at.

Just take a look at these statistics from recruiters on the state of the tech hiring market right now:

  • 8.1 million: The amount of open IT jobs right now. The ratio of candidates largely outweighs that of hiring managers and recruiters.
  • 62%: The amount of employees who have requested a raise post-COVID.
  • 60%: The amount of professionals who had at least two other competitive offers when they accepted a new opportunity.
  • 30%: Workers that are actively seeking new employment. If you look at younger age groups, like Gen Z, this number jumps to 54%.
  • 25 million: Professionals that quit their job this time last year.

TechServe Alliance says, “These aren’t easy conversations to have with clients; they’re pointed and honest. But with good questioning techniques and data-driven insights, these tough conversations can be game-changers.” They advise using what’s called the “SPIN model,” or Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need Payoff. Consider adopting some of the below practices in attempting to streamline your communication with hiring managers:

  • Present yourself as an informed friend: you want to demonstrate the market’s current state and why it’s so important to meet candidates where they’re at.
  • Take advantage of key questions and smart follow-up questions to accurately assess your client’s needs.
  • Demonstrate the possible payoff when implementing these new practices: increased ROI, etc.

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