Unlock the full potential of your data with APC, a market leader in Teradata expertise

APC’s comprehensive suite of services are tailored to drive strategic business decisions. Our team of consultants specializes in advanced analytics and modeling, empowering you with actionable insights that capitalize on your data assets. We go beyond mere analysis, enabling data-centric transformation and designing modern data analytic architectures that deliver value at scale. With a wealth of experience in handling the largest and most complex data environments, our proven consultants can help you extract maximum value from your data. Discover how APC’s Data Solutions can turn your data into your greatest asset and propel your enterprise forward.

Our Teradata Expertise

  • APC’s Data Solutions practice boasts over 40 consultants that were previously part of Teradata’s Professional Services team 
  • A strategic partnership established between APC and Teradata established this team, making APC an unparalleled market leader in Teradata experience and expertise  
teredata consultants

we help you:

– Migrate your On-Prem databases to the Cloud

– Switch between Teradata and a different provider

– Move applications to the Cloud

– Upgrade your platform

– Optimize performance and cost

– Maximize your user community’s analytic capability and your firm’s investment

– Manage the age of your hardware and the increasing cost of maintaining legacy applications

Our Team Has:

– The experience to communicate effectively across business and technology teams

– The expertise to provide strategic advisory and keep results focused on business outcomes

– The team depth to help you “get stuff done”

Industries Supported:

teradata retail


teradata business

Financial Services

teradata airlines


teradata warhousing



teradata utilities


teradata telecommunications



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