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Combat The Great Resignation

Employers Find New and Innovative Ways to Combat the Great Resignation

More and more, employers are trying to find new and innovative ways to combat The Great Resignation. As it happens, the average cost of an employee resigning from their job is around $11,000.00 per employee.

What is “The Great Resignation”? Recently, many employees have left their jobs – some after more than a decade with their former employers – to seek bigger and better things.

According to Predictive Index’s 2022 State of the Talent Optimization report, 20% of the workforce across ALL industries has quit within the past 6 months. Additionally, 75% of executives say The Great Resignation impacted their financial stability.

Take a look at the breakdown of the different contributors to The Great Resignation employers have seen in recent months:

  • Inflexible hours – 32%
  • Declining physical health –  18%
  • Lack of confidence in management – 18%
  • Stress and burnout –  18%
  • Lack of development opportunities –  17%


The three industries that experienced the most impact from The Great Resignation were construction, finance/insurance, and hospitality/food service. Additionally, you may read APC’s blog article, “Why is there a high demand of civil engineers right now?” to learn more about the low supply and high demand of civil engineers in the construction industry.

So, how can employers find new and innovative ways to combat the great resignation?

  • Place priority on the experience of the employee
  • Sound sense of company culture
  • Flexibility to work when, how, and where employees want
  • Good relationships with colleagues and co-workers


At APC, our values and culture are #1. You can view our story, and see how we strive for all of our employees – corporate, field, and contract – are treated with the same APC values of:

  • Do what’s right. Always. We never sacrifice ethics – for ANY reason.
  • Make it happen. We deliver on our commitments with exceptional results.
  • Be of service. We purposefully create memorable experiences.


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