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From Basement Startup to Global Recognition

Like so many great companies, Alliance of Professionals & Consultants (APC) traces its roots to a humble basement. In 1993, APC founder Roy Roberts started his company from home, using his pool table to sort payroll.

The company quickly took off, and what began as a humble, home-based company has grown into a global powerhouse. But one thing hasn’t changed – our values.

our founder, roy roberts

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Roy Roberts, 1945-2018

As a seven-year-old boy, Roy Roberts worked on a farm, packaging young tomato plants in damp newspaper to prepare them for sale. Even as a child, he recognized the person with the most education had to do the least hard work and he quickly decided that learning as much as possible would be his path. The choice served him well.

Roy Roberts was an advocate for higher education, as well as entrepreneurship. Roberts used these traits and founded several companies over the years.  At the young age of 48, Roberts retired from IBM and started Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, Inc. (APC). He says his drive came from his mother—she was one of 13 children and was the first in her family to finish high school. Her accomplishment inspired her children, including Roberts, to graduate from college. That tradition endured, and each of Roberts’ five children now has advanced degrees. Roberts also dedicated his time, talents, and gifts to promoting education- such as serving on the Board of Trustees of Brescia University in Kentucky.

Roberts was the chief executive officer of APC for 25 years until his passing in 2018. Roberts sons Troy and Scott now manage APC as the CEO and COO respectively.  After dedicating years to helping others improve their lots in life, Roberts developed a work-life philosophy that he hoped positively impacted everyone within the organizations he created.

APC was founded on these principles and they are ingrained in our company culture still today.

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