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Global Staffing Expected to Increase Significantly (1)

Global Staffing Expected to Expand Significantly

According to a new report from Staffing Industry Analysts, global staffing is expected to expand by 9% this year, after an increase of 21% in 2021.

SIA reports, “Three countries — the US, Japan, and the UK — comprise the majority of the revenue, while the top 15 countries combined accounted for 88% of total global staffing revenue. Eighty-six percent of that revenue consisted of temporary staffing and the remainder by place and search.”

Some contributors regarding unemployment and retention as a result of COVID-19:

  • Skills shortages
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Inflation

Why is global staffing expected to expand significantly despite COVID-19 factors?

  • Adaptable management should be able to acknowledge changing values of customers, employees, and investors.
  • Employees want to work with companies that have similar personal values.
  • Employees want to feel like more than a workforce; they want to feel like partners to their company.
  • Improving engagement through health and wellness campaigns that foster employee well-being.

Now that the Great Resignation and Great Reshuffling have become top-of-mind for many hiring managers, there is a real opportunity to study how successful management teams have increased employee retention in a time of such high turnover. Additionally, don’t forget to view all of APC’s thought-leadership pieces, which cover a range of informational articles for both employers and professionals on topics like resume help, a study on the Great Resignationtop tech hiring trends this year, and more!

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