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The APC Podcast aims to bring together smart people, with great experiences, for interesting conversations about the world of work and professional services. The show is hosted by APC (Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, Inc.). Headquartered in Raleigh, NC and serving clients in markets nationwide, APC provides Data Solutions, Professional Staffing, and Managed Services.

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Episode 1:

In this episode, Jim joins APC Professional Services leader Chris McKay to discuss his tried and true approach for succeeding in professional services, with a specific lens on how to kick off a new engagement. Jim highlights the mutual end-goal: for the consultants to help the client become self-sustaining. To get there, he focuses on a few critical components of beginning a new engagement, including communication, self-assessment, understanding the client, and advocating. Throughout, Jim shares practical advice and relatable stories from his life as a consultant.

Technical Delivery Director Jim George has built a lengthy career delivering technical professional services for clients. As the Delivery leader over most of his projects, he interfaces with client stakeholders throughout the engagement to keep expectations aligned, resolve issues, and ensure overall success.

Episode 2:

Retail Industry Expert Paul Wearden joins APC Professional Services leader Chris McKay to discuss Analytic Themes in the Retail industry. This episode discusses:

  • Getting useful and relevant data about the business to make key decisions faster
  • Business applications of improved analytics including brand loyalty, marketing strategies, customer loss, and missed opportunities.
  • How one retailer achieved > $70M in annual benefit by maturing their analytic capability and executing downstream changes
  • Getting more business value by optimizing existing systems, including their performance, their integration, and their ability to get the right data to the right leaders at the right time to make decisions in “business time.”

Paul’s career began in Retail and then shifted to Technology. He advises clients through a lens of technology and analytics to help them get answers to business questions they can’t answer today.

Episode 3:

Delivery Executive Steve Schutter joins APC Professional Services MD, Chris McKay, to discuss the IT Conundrum – with a focus on:

  • The deceleration of companies’ adoption of new technology
  • The desire to leverage technology to “do more with less” (spend)
  • The implications on the landscape of technology and services providers

Steve shares his thoughts on “blockers” standing in the way of adoption and resetting expectations with technology and services providers. Through it all, he provides some practical, applicable advice to IT leaders relative to stakeholder relations, getting the right people involved at the right time, and re-introducing some modern spins on tried and true practices.

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