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Highest tech salaries US

Highest Tech Salaries Across the United States

Dice recently published their 2022 Salary Report, highlighting the top ten salaries in tech hubs. Two of APC’s primary markets, Denver and Atlanta, made the Top 10 list of the highest tech salaries across the United States. Atlanta experienced a 13.9% increase in technology salaries, while Denver increased by 8.7%.  

Take a look at the highest tech salaries across the United States:

  1. Silicon Valley: $133,204.00
  2. Seattle: $118,729.00
  3. New York City: $115,510
  4. Boston: $114,959.00
  5. San Diego: $114,801.00
  6. Denver: $114,096
  7. Los Angeles: $113,658.00
  8. Baltimore/D.C.: $112,697.00
  9. Austin: $109,176.00
  10. Atlanta: $107,515.00

According to Dice, “Such predictions [regarding the irrelevance of places like Silicon Valley and New York City for tech] failed to take into account all the factors that continue to make sizable tech hubs attractive, such as easy access to universities and venture funding, a well-established social scene and an existing base of companies seeking talent. In addition, on the salary side, the more embedded companies based in these locations can almost always afford to pay more than smaller competitors.”

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