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New Statistics on Passive Candidates

How is your business sourcing quality candidates in a digital age? According to new research published by Zippia, recruiters are at the heart of a business’s ability to tap into passive candidates. Not to mention, many of the job-seeking market is composed of passive candidates.

Below, we summarize what these findings mean for recruiters, and how they can streamline their processes in such a digital age driven by social media and digital marketing techniques.

Zippia says, “The average job levels recruited through social media are 87% non-management salaried employees, 82% being management, 55% being non-management hourly employees, and only 45% being executive or upper management employees.”

Key Takeaway Statistics on Passive Candidates

  • Passive job-seekers make up 73% of the applicant pool available to recruiters contacting them.
  • 70% of candidates are interested in learning about their compensation in the first call with a recruiter.
  •  For businesses, referrals are the name of the game. 88% of these hiring managers prefer this method.
  • Utilizing an outside company to deliver your specialized professionals can reduce hiring costs by up to 30%.

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