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Incognito mode

How undercover is incognito mode, really?

Many of us regularly use the “Incognito mode” available for our browsers. We feel it provides us with an added layer of security in a time when cybercrime and internet fraud schemes are all too present. The idea is that there is no digital trace on your browser history, and using an incognito mode will “forget” everything you search and key.

Private browsing tools also eliminate the use of cookies, a tool for web browsing that allows online shops and websites to keep you logged into a site, track your shopping cart history, and more.

So, how private are private browsing windows? What CAN’T they do?

  • IP addresses may still be tracked on sites you visit
  • Facebook and Google: These companies can match habits with your registered account.

What are ways we can combat incognito slips?

  • Invest in a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.
  • Implement browser extensions (please note: SOME browsers will still disable these extensions)
  • Focus on browsers that emphasize privacy – i.e., not Google. Firefox, Safari, and Brave are better options than Chrome or Microsoft Edge where privacy is concerned.
  • You can use alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo, Brave Search, or Startpage.

According to Wirecutter, “Device fingerprints, which collect seemingly innocuous details such as the type of computer you have, what browser you use, or the screen resolution on your computer, can be packaged together and used to track you. Your internet service provider can also see the sites you visit, and if you’re using the internet at work or school, those network administrators may have that same level of access.”

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