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How to implement AI into your business

Implement AI into Your Business

Last week at the State of Technology conference hosted by the NC Technology Association, we heard from Tim Hanrahan, Strategic Channel Manager at Talkdesk, who brought up how beneficial it is to implement AI into your business. 

Did you know that while many executives believe AI will be as disruptive as the Internet, they are still not implementing AI into their business? While the idea of AI might seem daunting, it’s no secret that being early adopters of the technology can prove to immensely benefit your business in the long run. Think about it this way: if AI is going to be as large a disrupter as the internet, can you imagine an instance where a leading technology company in their industry does not take advantage of the greatest technology since the World Wide Web? 

Here are a few ways you can implement AI into your business:

  • Customer service chatbot that changes prompts based on the web page a visitor is on
  • Automating processes
  • “Reading” contracts and legal documents to pull out key terms
  • Employee onboarding

Keep a lookout on the APC Blog for upcoming articles that feature the thought-leadership topics we were able to take away from the conference this year. We’ll talk more about retaining technology professionals, the great reshufflings, generational hiring challenges, the role of AI in the customer experience, and more!



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