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SQL and Project Management Skills Among Top Priorities for Employers

SQL and Project Management Skills Among Top Priorities for Employers

Tech skills are top of mind for employers in 2022. That’s no secret. Recent findings are ranking SQL and project management skills among top priorities for employers. Emsi Burning Glass, a firm that analyzes data from job postings, remarked how in the past 90 days, these positions topped the charts with the most desired tech skills for employees. Employers preferred these skills in over 300,000 job postings. In addition, software development, software engineering, and python were among the top tech skills requested by hiring managers. 

Hiring managers fill project management roles on an average of 39 days. And where SQL is concerned, according to Dice, “The continuing presence of SQL on lists of the most-needed tech skills should come as no surprise; companies everywhere need SQL, the programming language for managing and querying relational databases, to help manage and mine their in-house data for valuable insights. The median compensation for SQL-related jobs is $92,000, rising to $122,000 and above with the right combination of skills and experience.”

Contributing Factors to SQL and Project Management Skills Among Top Priorities for Employers

  • Employers need candidates who can successfully architect, design, and maintain complex systems. 
  • With more companies moving to hybrid work models for employees, housing their staff with experienced professionals in cloud technology management is of the utmost importance. 

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