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Colorado making efforts to ease legislature through Colorado legislature

Colorado making efforts to ease labor shortage through legislature

As The Great Resignation continues and industries across the United States are experiencing steep labor shortages, Colorado is one state that is making efforts with legislature that will help ease the current labor shortage seen by many.

So, how is Colorado making efforts to ease labor shortage through Colorado legislature?

According to the Denver Business Journal,” One of the most prominent among them is Senate Bill 3, sponsored by Democratic Sens. Janet Buckner of Aurora and Kerry Donovan of Vail, which is expected to receive its final approval from the upper chamber of the Legislature this morning with overwhelming bipartisan support. The bill seeks to allow more community colleges to offer more students Bachelor of Science degrees in nursing, which its supporters believe will allow more people to enter the depleted profession by cutting the time and costs needed to receive the degree.”

So far, what bills have been introduced in Colorado to curb this shortage?

  • Senate Bill (SB) 3
    • As described above, SB 3 pertains to nursing degrees. This is exceptionally necessary given the recent nursing shortage that came about from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • SB 88
  • SB 99
    • Those convicted of non-violent offenses may have their records sealed in hopes of opening more opportunity for hiring managers to increase their labor pool.

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