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Colorado Engineers High Demand

Why is there a high demand of civil engineers right now?

Recent findings from Planet Forward’s Vice President of Energy and Infrastructure demonstrate how civil engineers have come into high demand. 

Why is there a high demand and low supply of civil engineers right now?

When the recession of 2008 hit, engineers were staunchly affected due to high layoffs, this caused a decrease in engineering students, one factor of the shortage in engineers we now see in 2022.

Also related to education, many students who would have opted for a civil engineer path are now exploring more digital-based careers like cybersecurity and information technology.

How severely did the pandemic affect the civil engineering industry?

Another cause of this shortage in civil engineers can undoubtedly be attributed to the pandemic. When many individuals began working from home, this expanded the labor pool hiring managers were used to. They no longer have to drill down the perfect candidate to a specific geographic area. Instead, they could expand their search nationwide or even globally. 

So, if you’re a hiring manager that wants to attract top civil engineering talent, one non-negotiable is flexibility. Candidates, especially the right ones, like a job that will allow them to adapt and change with the current times. Additionally, it’s as essential as ever for candidates to find the right “fit” for company cultures. Especially for younger candidates like millennials and Generation Z, finding the right culture is paramount to accepting a position. 

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