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Top Articles in January

Don’t Miss Our Top Articles from January: Data Breaches, Turnover Rates, & More!

APC’s top articles this past month included information on protecting against a data breach in 2023, optimizing your client experience, combatting high turnover rates, tips for shrinking your candidate life cycle, and the top ten tech books to read this year. Read more in-depth from these top articles we’ve covered over the past month:

 1) Protecting Against a Data Breach in 2023

You may not want to think about what to do in the event of a data breach, but preparedness is key. It’s immensely vital to know what happens when your data is sold, the next steps you should (and shouldn’t) take, and how to keep your data locked down. One thing is for sure: in 2023, data security should be top-of-mind for employers and hiring managers. Read more.

 2) Optimizing Your Client Experience

Recently, StaffingHub published its report on the current state of client experience management. The report seeks to provide a snapshot of the current state of the client experience and how it can be improved upon in a future state. The key takeaways from this latest report involve client communication, feedback, and client portals. Where client communication is concerned, did you know that nearly every department in a business communicates with clients, from HR to Legal to Marketing to Accounting, with the most significant percent of client communication coming from Sales? Read more.

 3) Combatting High Turnover Rates

In today’s market, many hiring managers and C-suite executives need help with higher turnover rates than any industry – not just technology – has previously experienced. That’s inevitable in a market that is candidate-focused. As a result, companies’ talent pool is now shrinking as qualified candidates can open up their opportunities across the nation. It’s no secret that high turnover rates can harm your business. Read more

 4) 5 Tips for Shrinking Your Candidate Life Cycle

If you ask any sales staffing professional right now, you will likely hear them relate to the high demand for qualified talent. The candidate life cycle is half as short as a decade ago, in 2010. In an age of automation, we can only expect these numbers to increase. Read more.

 5) Top Tech Books to Read in 2023

Last year, we published a roundup of the Top Tech Books from 2021 to help you elevate your reading list. This year, we’re back with the list for 2022! So, if you made it a resolution to read more in 2023, don’t miss our review of these top tech books of 2022. These titles were highly reviewed and provided valuable insights into the technology industry’s state and its direction in 2023 and beyond. Read more.

And while you’re here, now is the perfect time to assess your 2023 goals as we head into a new year. Whether your company needs a full-service business advisor or just support in specific areas, APC customizes an efficient, cost-effective solution to facilitate strategic goals. And while you’re here, don’t forget to view all of APC’s top articles on thought-leadership pieces, which cover a range of informational articles for both employers and professionals on topics like resume help, a study on the Great Resignationtop tech hiring trends this year, and more!

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