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Remote workers more productive

Remote Workers: Increased Productivity, Report Says

A new report from Apollo Technological argues that remote workers overall have increased productivity over on-site employees. This increase is because the pandemic practically catapulted the global workforce to a time where dependence on technology is crucial. In fact, Upwork predicts that by 2025, 22% of the workforce will work remotely. 

Additionally, you might be surprised by the following remote work statistics from Owl Labs, which suggest that remote workers tend to stay in their jobs longer: 

  • Remote employees save an average of 40 minutes daily from commuting.
  • Since 2020 people have been meeting by video calls 50% more since COVID-19.
  • During COVID-19, nearly 70% of full-time workers work from home.
  • After COVID-19, 92% of people surveyed expected to work from home at least one day per week and 80% expected to work at least three days from home per week.
  • 23% of those surveyed would permanently take a 10% pay cut to work from home.
  • People are saving on average close to 500 dollars per month at home during COVID-19, resulting in immediate savings of $6000 per year.
  • A mere 20-25% of companies are paying some of the cost for home office equipment and furnishings.
  • 81% of those surveyed believe their employer will continue to support remote work after COVID-19.
  • 59% of respondents said they would be more likely to choose an employer who offered remote work than those who didn’t.

Many argue that remote workers are often more productive and happier “because they have no commute, less or no office small talk, fewer distractions, more time for family, exercise, a higher quality of life, and better overall work-life balance,” reports Apollo Technological.

There is also some evidence to suggest that remote workers put in more to their job than those employees that always work onsite. Owl labs reported that remote workers work over 40 hours a week 43% more than onsite employees. 

Did you know that you can also increase your business’s bottom line with more remote workers? Global Workplace Analytics reported that employers can save over $11,000.00 dollars per year per employee. Consequently, keeping employees productive and happy leads to higher retention rates, which leads to increased revenue in your company’s pockets. 

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