Case Studies


Engineering a solution we proudly put our name on.


Large engineered branding supplier for national chains, focused on providing signage and building elements


Through organic growth and acquisitions, our client’s goal of 20% YOY expansion on their way to becoming the nation’s largest engineered branding supplier was at risk when their workforce became stretched too thin to meet demand while fulfilling the company’s commitment to quality.


Despite being steadfast and focused, the client faced missing growth goal milestones, chances to buy out competitors, and revenue opportunities. Further, they risked damaging relationships with current accounts unless they could meet demand without sacrificing their established quality.

APC Solution & Results

While the client focused on being a franchisee-approved vendor for major national chains around the globe, APC focused on reducing their recruitment and onboarding time. We were able to locate skilled project managers in various geographies to step in and provide the crucial bridge between our client and their customers so that projects remained on-time and on-budget.

With fewer cycles spent having to interview and more time spent producing, our client did not have to adjust their growth goals, nor was their commitment to quality impacted. Further, by APC supplementing their existing workforce, employee workloads were significantly reduced and productivity increased.


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