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Write On: Providing Technical Writers As Sharp As a Pencil


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Despite having several thousand solutions available for their sales force to offer both prospective and established customers, our client only had a few hundred of those solutions documented in an e-based sales resource. The client’s internal bandwidth prohibited web catalog expansion.

The client’s web catalog contained less than 10% of their offerings.


Without readily available information and complete documentation, the sales team could not expand existing accounts or offer full-scale solutions to prospective clients within a multi-billion-dollar revenue stream. This limited the client’s growth & impacted long-term end-client satisfaction.

APC Solution & Results

Having previously supplied top writing, graphic design, and project management talent to the client’s department tasked with resolving this issue, APC was trusted with supplying a large team of content writers to start immediately. These writers were to work with internal subject matter experts to create new documentation and to edit or completely rewrite existing content.

After unearthing the needs of the client, we quickly identified several highly skilled content writers who were ultimately selected to join the client’s team. Not only were the delivery results efficient and timely, the talent we supplied became the litmus test for assessing the skill levels of the client’s existing writing workforce.

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