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Helping Drive A Successful Acquisition.


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After closing the $2B acquisition of a complex organization, our client was in need of change management work stream leaders to help handle the transition. In addition to supporting the executive team, help was needed to bring the acquired company’s sales and marketing collateral into compliance with the acquiring company’s standards.


A successful transition maximized the value of the $2B investment. At greatest risk was the ability to capitalize upon the combined strengths of the two companies, as well as of the skilled technical resources being gained.

APC Solution & Results

APC provided the program management necessary to expedite the successful transfer of business.
We provided consulting to the executive teams of both organizations to help develop an effective merger strategy and a new operating model for the expanded organization. APC provided the talent necessary to assist the executive team in managing their existing workload with the addition of the transition work. In addition, APC’s skilled professionals completed the “brand washing” of the company websites & collateral.


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