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Lift Off: Launching a Website to New Heights


Digital services team within a Fortune 25 technology leader and provider of full-scale business solutions.


Our client needed to build a state-of-the art interactive website for one of their partner clients. Further, the website had a hard deadline of six weeks for development and testing, after which the roll-out needed to yield significant and immediate results.


Our client risked losing their partner client’s business, as the partner client would turn to an external creative agency to fulfill their needs. With the creative agency costs coming in at triple the amount of the partner client’s budget, our client would also cost their partner client a significant amount of money while failing to meet their business needs.

APC Solutions & Results

APC quickly built an agile team of information architects, designers, and digital project managers to create a streamlined conceptual journey where all steps of the process were designed while concurrently going into production.

Our team built the website within three weeks and utilized the remaining three weeks to refine the site and incorporate real-time data from the web & social media. This allowed for the site’s content to be tailored to its audience. Within the first 20 hours of launch, the website garnered over 50 million social impressions. External competitors reviewing the site called it “seminal”.

“This is how marketing projects should be run.”
– M.K., VP of Marketing

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