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Increase Retention Rates Among Gen Z & Millennials

Increase Retention Rates Among Gen Z & Millennials

In order to increase retention rates among Gen Z and millennials, executives and hiring managers would do well to consider the priorities of these groups, particularly those priorities differing from other age groups in the workforce. For example, recent findings from the Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z & Millennial Survey demonstrated that the top concerns among these groups were cost of living (29% and 36%, respectively) and climate change (24% and 25%, respectively).

This staggering research presents ample opportunities for hiring managers and executives to analyze retention practices for gaps. For example, according to StaffingHub, nearly half of Gen Zs (46%) say they feel stressed all or most of the time, and 38% of Millennials agree with this statement, a decrease over 2020. 

The top stress drivers for both groups include:

  • Their long-term financial future (47% of Gen Zs and 43% of Millennials)
  • Day-to-day finances (42% of Gen Zs and 39% of Millennials)
  • The health/welfare of their family (42% of Gen Zs and 39% of Millennials)

Methods to Increase Retention Rates Among Gen Z & Millennials

  • Prioritize climate action. Of any age group, these individuals care the most about furthering efforts to improve the world’s current response to increased global warming and its adverse effects. 
  • Provide options and resources for employees to receive mental health.  
  • Implement opportunities and practices for hybrid work. Millennials and Gen Z consistently want to work for companies that meet them where they’re at and allow them flexible work schedules. 

Of course, it can be a challenge to address differing priorities among the varying age groups in your organization. But suppose the recent years of managing a global pandemic have taught us anything. In that case, it’s more important than ever for diversity and inclusion efforts to address the concerns and needs of all age groups in the organization.

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