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Valuable Insights from NC Tech State of Technology Conference

APC would like to extend a well-deserved thank-you to the hardworking team at the NC Technology Association, who put on a fantastic event this week in downtown, Raleigh, North Carolina, for their 2022 State of Technology Conference: Life In the Cloud: What’s On the Horizon? Keep reading for more information on the valuable insights we gained, the session our Director of Customer Experience moderated, and more!

Harold Zeishner, Director of Customer Experience at APC, talked with esteemed panelists from IBM, VacoBuilt, Allstacks, and RTriad Enterprises. The session, “Cloud Talent: Proactive Employee Retention,” focused on how to retain cloud professionals in the age of the Great Resignation.

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Key Insights from the State of Technology Conference:

Jamie Howard, VP Engineering at AllStacks, says that instead of viewing it as a resignation, directors should be looking at the current state of the labor industry as a great reshuffling or a great reorganization.

Professionals are putting more emphasis on culture, and the tables have turned. Where it used to be that hiring managers could choose from a vast pool of talented candidates, candidates now face an enormous pool of promising opportunities. What has your organization done successfully to output “lifers” at the company that stays for 20+ years? Organizations can use tactics that retain their lifers to attract the candidates that will remain in this day and age.

When hiring managers invest in their professionals from day one and provide the learning opportunities that demonstrate how much they want their professionals to succeed at their organizations, these individuals are more likely to invest their careers in the business that meets them where they’re at.

We also got to hear top strategies for leveraging the cloud in 2022. For instance, Tim Hanrahan, Strategic Channel Manager at Talkdesk, spoke on the value of AI in the customer experience. But did you know that while many executives believe AI will be as disruptive as the Internet, they are still not implementing AI into their business?

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We’re very thankful for all of the insights that we were able to take away this year at NC Tech’s 2022 State of Technology Conference, Life in the Cloud: What’s on the Horizon?

Keep a lookout on the APC Blog for upcoming articles that feature the thought-leadership topics we were able to take away from the conference this year. We’ll talk more about retaining technology professionals, the great reshufflings, generational hiring challenges, the role of AI in the customer experience, and more!

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