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Raleigh workforce leaving in droves for new opportunities

Raleigh Workforce Leaving in Droves for New Professions

Currently, the Raleigh workforce is leaving in droves for new professions. It’s no secret that the Great Resignation has affected regions and industries across the United States, and Raleigh, N.C. is no exception to that rule. At the moment, the industry experiencing a steep need for labor is the technology industry. In fact, according to the Triangle Business Journal, “As of February, the North Carolina Technology Association reported more than 14,800 job postings in tech in Raleigh alone, 30 percent higher than a year ago.”

Why is the Raleigh workforce leaving in droves for new professions?

  • Low compensation
  • No growth opportunities
  • Felt disrespected
  • Childcare
  • Little flexibility

A few ways that employers can increase their retention efforts include:

  • Place priority on the experience of the employee
  • A sound sense of company culture
  • Flexibility to work when, how, and where employees want
  • Good relationships with colleagues and co-workers

Now, North Carolina and Raleigh are not the only city and states in the nation experiencing this problem. Currently, there has been some legislation presented on a national level to help curb the current labor shortage. In January, Secretary of Labor, Mary Walsh, announced that there are plans for a “federal roadmap to improve job quality and job access.”

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