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Web3: The Third Generation of the Internet

Have you heard the term “Web3: the third generation of the internet”? Finally, Web3 has reached us. In today’s day and age, consumers of the internet are wary of tech giants like Amazon, Google, and streaming giants like Netflix and the ability of these companies to put business first ahead of the consumer’s needs and wants. All that changes with Web3. In fact, the goal of Web3 is for users to leverage the internet to put the power in their hands, not Google’s. 

According to HubSpot, “Web3, or the third generation of the internet, is a vision of a more decentralized web that places the power in the hands of users instead of large tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Netflix. It’s built on blockchains using existing infrastructure to make the internet more accessible, private, and secure for users.” 

When will we see the launch of Web3: the third generation of the internet?

As of right now, Web3 has not launched. While experts do not have an exact date for when the new phase of the internet will reach consumers’ machines, now is the perfect time for hiring managers and executives to learn more about this new technology and how it may impact your future business. 

We hope this article gave you an excellent introduction to Web3 technology and has you more prepared for its launch. If you have more questions about your organization’s cybersecurity needs, staffed with many IT professionals and experts, contact us today to learn how we’ve helped our clients. Please also view APC’s thought-leadership pieces. These articles cover a range of topics on technology and our Tech Tip Tuesday pieces, business insights, and recent technology news.



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