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HP is partnering with Chrome Enterprise

HP Partnering with Chrome Enterprise

HP is partnering with Chrome Enterprise to provide a new platform for cloud security. The new integration puts an emphasis on achieving a higher standard for cloud security, while also allowing employees to work from wherever.

Insight details how the HP + Chrome Enterprise fuels a cloud-centric workstyle while blocking cyber threats in their Spring Tech Journal. With the Chrome Enterprise platform operating on HP® devices, the new system is made for enhanced endpoint security anywhere your teams work.

Benefits to the new partnership with HP, Google, and Chrome Enterprise:

  • Cloud-based management
  • Third-party integration
  • 24/7 support
  • Zero-day protections
  • Security updates

The new collaboration between HP and Google Chrome will foster more cloud security for your business. Additionally, its streamlined approach allows for increased user-friendliness over other cloud security models.

So, how do you feel about HP partnering with Chrome Enterprise? Do you think the new platform will aid in increased cloud security? Staffed with many IT professionals and experts, if you have more questions about your organization’s cybersecurity needs, contact us today to learn how we’ve helped our clients. Please also view APC’s thought-leadership pieces. These articles cover a range of topics on technology and our Tech Tip Tuesday pieces, business insights, and recent technology news.



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