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Our success in land surveying lies in our unmatched ability to source skilled professionals, enabling us to undertake diverse projects, including boundary surveys, topographic surveys, construction staking, and Oil and Gas land Surveying. We are committed to precision, quality, and compliance, meeting the evolving demands of the field with dedication and expertise.

Let us help you find, or be found:

  • Professional Land Surveyors (PLS)
  • Survey Project Managers
  • Field Surveyors
  • Survey Data Technicians (GIS & CAD)
  • Survey Party Chiefs
  • Instrument Operators
  • SUE

Exceed the Boundaries of Land Survey staffing with Innovative Solutions

Leverage APC’s uniquely powerful talent ecosystem to stand up customized teams with the domain or platform expertise needed to drive project success and deliver business value.
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Should you wish to explore our Land Survey services further, require assistance in staffing a role, or have secured a project but lack the necessary workforce to execute it effectively, please do not hesitate to contact our Market Director, Darrel Chambers, who has specialized expertise in this area..



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