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Are automated hiring techniques ADA compliant?

Are automated hiring techniques ADA compliant?

Today’s hiring processes almost always involve some sort of AI-enabled technology, automation, and the use of algorithms. In May of this year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) published new guidelines for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) concerning the use of software, algorithms, and AI when reviewing candidates.

So, how can businesses ensure that their technology-driven hiring processes are ADA-compliant?

StaffingHub reports, “Employers can help ensure ADA compliance by explaining to job applicants what the hiring process looks like and making reasonable accommodations available.”

A few helpful measures that can be implemented in your AI and automation processes include:

  • Ensure your tools are not screening out candidates for disability reasons. An example of this is software that removes a candidate from the running due to a speech impediment.
  • Remove disability-related queries in the application process (medical examinations, too).

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