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Food Service Case Study Digital Transformation

APC Increases Revenue for Global Foodservice Brand by 31%

The following case study follows a global foodservice brand that hired APC to create digital options during the pandemic when restaurants could not offer in-house service. In the end, APC enhanced the customer journey, retention, and engagement via mobile and web apps. This enhancement directly led to a staggering 4.3 billion dollars in revenue for our client, a 31% increase over the previous year.

Through its affiliate brands, this foodservice brand is the franchisor and operator of over 6,000 restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops and bakeries in the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and over 50 foreign countries.

A Global Foodservice Brand and a Technical Challenge

In 2020 during the start and peak of COVID, our client’s main focus was on digital transformation initiatives since none of the brands or restaurants could have customers inside. Because of this, the foodservice brand shifted focus to digital through brand mobile applications and multi-application integrations concerning delivery services and digital ad partnership apps (Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.). To do this quickly and efficiently, they built a brand new Digital Center of Excellence and internal Product Team to support these Digital Initiatives across the seven brands. Our client was evaluating their options to see if they could build out this new CoE team with existing internal resources. They wanted to do this by reorganizing internal TA support/bandwidth, external Professional Services/Consulting (BCG, Deloitte, etc.) and Staffing partners.

The Solution

APC met with the CCO, SVP, and Directors to discuss the current state of the client’s business. Our initial goal was to accomplish the client’s most prevalent tasks within a two-year build-out of the Digital CoE. This process focuses on the Digital Product Team for mobile/web applications. APC presented our service offerings to the foodservice brand and success testimonials supporting digital initiatives. Additionally, we provided separate scenarios with three independent vendors they were evaluating and demonstrated why APC was the best option for their business needs.

The Results: Increased Revenue for a Global Foodservice Brand

After presenting APC offerings, success stories, and the pros of using APC (as opposed to internal resources and Professional Services/Consulting), the foodservice brand selected APC as an exclusive partner to support their new Digital Product Team CoE build-out. This build-out included the immediate need to fill a Digital Product Director – Web & Mobile Apps position.

With APC’s support in filling this Digital Product Director under the new CoE, they enhanced the customer journey, retention, and engagement through mobile and web apps. As a result, in 2021, our client’s revenue – generated through their mobile apps and multi-app integration partnerships – increased by double-digits.

How Will Your Business Use an Additional $4.3 billion in Revenue?

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