Business Solutions

Tailored services to drive organizational success.

Tailored Business Solutions

The team at Alliance of Professionals & Consultants is driven to improve great companies through innovative, strategic business solutions. 

From our comprehensive outsourced teams of data and security experts, to our cloud and business SMEs, our proven and award-winning track record developing quality solutions to complex business problems makes us a trusted advisor for dynamic organizations across the globe.

Strategic Practice Areas



  • Strategy & Architecture Assessments
  • Platform Design, Implementations, & Migrations
  • Solution Architecture & Implementations
  • Application Support & Managed Services
  • DevOps Engineering

Information Management & Analytics

Information Management & Analytics

  • Strategy & Architecture Assessments
  • Ecosystem Modernization
  • Information Management Architecture & Implementations
  • Analytics Architecture & Implementations (AI/BI/ML)
  • Solution Support & Managed Services
  • DataOps Engineering

Enterprise & Operations

Enterprise & Operations

  • Fractional CxO
  • MSP Assessments & Implementations
  • Organizational Change Management
  • PMO & Project Assessments
  • VMO & Vendor Management



  • Fractional CISO
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Analysis & Remediation
  • Compliance/Privacy Assessments & Implementations
  • Tool Recommendations & Implementations

Achieve Your Goals

Whether you are looking for a full-service business advisor or you are looking for support in specific areas, APC will customize an efficient, cost-effective solution to facilitate strategic goals achievement.

Maintaining a competitive edge requires gaining control of operational costs and processes. What’s keeping you up at night? Bring your challenges to APC, and we will provide operational assessments and consulting to address your most pressing concerns.

  • Management Control: You can only manage what you can identify. APC will help you get a solid, accurate grasp on your contract labor spend.
  • Cost Control: Don’t pay more for consultants or contractors than you need to. APC helps you assess your needs and pay the right price for skilled, well-aligned consultants.
  • Compliance: Ensure all contingent workers and employees are classified and paid correctly to mitigate risk in this complex environment.
  • Applications/Systems Review: Have you been through a merger? Do you have many applications and/or systems that you believe to be redundant? APC can do a full assessment to identify what you have, what you need, and the way forward to streamline it all.

When you need access to strategic functions outside your core business, APC will deliver solutions. Managed services include, but are not limited to:

  • Proposal development and writing
  • Hardware refresh/rollouts
  • Network management
  • Digital analytics transformation
  • Branding development
  • Creative services
  • Social media strategy and execution
  • Product announcement signoffs and documentation
  • Vendor broker services
  • Bill-only (APC is the buyer of record)


APC’s managed solutions are cost-effective, because they are purchased based on use rather than time, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership. APC applies ISO 9001 and lean engineering disciplines to all managed services ensuring a pragmatic approach that also fosters innovation and improvement.

APC builds dedicated supplier networks for its clients using a proven evaluation framework. By ranking suppliers against client strategic priorities and cost, along with quality and compliance benchmarks, APC optimizes a client’s supply base across all job categories and geographies to drive industry-leading performance and customer service.

Our approach:

  • Build a tailored vendor management program for your organization.
  • Focus on your strategic vendors first, then continue to work through every classification of vendor.
  • Turn your key vendors into true strategic relationships.
  • Standardize your processes for transitioning in new vendors, maintaining communications, and monitoring performance, thus reducing the effort to manage your vendors.
  • Create clear escalation pathways and contingency plans for addressing vendor under-performance.
  • Codify your tailored, best-practice methodology for managing vendor relationships.

Are you confident that every independent contractor working for your organization is correctly classified? APC helps companies navigate the complex landscape of compliance and ensures independent contractors are properly classified and in full compliance with IRS and DOL regulations.

APC reduces many of the legal, procurement, and accounting costs associated with engaging independent contractors (IC) by:

  • Providing consolidated invoicing for all independent contractors
  • Auditing time and expense reports for compliance
  • Negotiating favorable contract terms and conditions with ICs
  • Responding to supplier questions and providing timely payment
  • Providing on-line access to purchase order utilization, timesheet detail, and management information
  • Serving as a single contact for all vendor-related issues
  • Becoming the employer of record (EOR) or agent of record (AOR) to ease risk exposure

APC’s Employer Of Record (EOR – W2 employees) or Agent Of Record (AOR – independent contractors) Service is the ideal solution for businesses that want access to top talent but can’t hire them, and companies that want access to project-based contractors and SMEs.

Reduce employment risk for self-sourced professionals, former employees and contract workers with customized solutions designed for your business.

  • Compliance: Since 1993, APC has delivered proven, established processes that mitigate co-employment risks and ensure compliance with ever-changing IRS and DOL regulations.
  • Benefits: Flexible benefits boost satisfaction and retention. APC offers custom, comprehensive benefits to full-time employees. As a result, our employee-initiated turnover is less than half the industry average.
  • High Tech, High Touch: APC’s V.I.P. (Very Important Professional) approach provides a positive employment experience. Our high-tech systems allow us to provide personal assistance to new professionals, every step along the way.
  • Low Cost: Take advantage of highly-automated processes to effectively engage and onboard a large number of employees at one time. The process is consistent, auditable, and thorough – onboard in weeks, not months.
  • Quality: APC is a highly acclaimed professional services firm, designated the National Professional Services Firm of the Year (2016) and National Service Firm of the Year (2008) by the US Dept. of Commerce, has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification, and has achieved Corporate Plus status from the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). You can learn more about our awards by clicking here.
  • Consistency: Our clients consistently rank APC in the top 20% of their suppliers.
  • Management Reports: On-demand management reports can be customized to provide a quick, clear picture of your contractor spend.
  • Multinational Talent: Expand your talent pool to a global market and ensure compliance with turnkey multinational EOR and payroll solutions.
  • Minority Spend: Improve diversity spend. APC is a certified Native American-owned firm.

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