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Investing in devices designed for hybrid work

Investing in Devices Designed for Hybrid Work

Despite the fact that 73% of offices across the USA and Western Europe are now open, only 9% of the workforce commutes to their office full-time. For this reason, among many other change shifts brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, executives must recognize the importance of investing in devices designed for hybrid work.

With so many professionals opting to work remotely and fewer physical people onsite at a company every day, businesses should be mindful about how they’re using the space. What are you investing in? Are you investing in tools that both hybrid and onsite employees can utilize?

Some companies are investing in devices designed for hybrid work, like:

  • Desk-scheduling applications
  • Data-driven procedures and practices
  • AR/VR headsets

Businesses are also beginning to confront new investments in technology, like the metaverse and the increase of augmented, virtual reality (VR), Web3, and IoT.

We hope this article gave you some points of consideration regarding technologies and practices to confront a hybrid work future. If you have more questions about your organization’s cybersecurity needs, staffed with many IT professionals and experts, contact us today to learn how we’ve helped our clients. Please also view APC’s thought-leadership pieces. These articles cover a range of topics on technology and our Tech Tip Tuesday pieces, business insights, and recent technology news.



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