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Sustainable Recruitment

The Idea of Sustainable Recruitment

This year for Earth Week, APC is exploring topics related to the IT and professional staffing industry that explore sustainability and the environment. We recently reported on new Colorado legislation for a recycling bill that has raised question in the House over the bill’s constitutionality. Now, we’ll take a look at the idea of sustainable recruitment.

Recruiteze defines sustainable recruitment as utilizing techniques to create the most lasting and productive hire, building an employer brand centering on sustainability, and helping businesses plan their sustainability goals.

What are a few key target areas hiring managers can focus on to work on sustainable recruitment practices?

  • Brief new employees on your company’s current sustainability mission and vision.
  • Analyze your organization’s CRM and ATS systems: will these last a long time? Do they incorporate valuable integrations that can work well with other platforms your organization utilizes?
  • Audit your current retention practices to look for improvement areas.

Has your company organized any successful sustainable practices? Let us know! And, make sure to catch our other Earth Week-focused blog, “New Colorado Recycling Bill Raises Questions on Legality”.

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