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Kubernetes: Ease-of-Use Container Application for 2022

How familiar are you with Kubernetes, the critical component in data centers that modernizes and adopts cloud-native development architecture to deliver applications that use containers?

 Kubernetes is a portable and open-source platform for managing container-based workloads and services. Additionally, Kubernetes is a widely available service with ample ways to reach out for support and extra tools to enhance your use of the software. 

A fun fact is that Kubernetes is a Greek word that translates to “helmsman” or “pilot.” 

A helpful tip is that the shorthand for Kubernetes is “K8s”, referring to the eight individual letters between the “K” and the “S.”

Containers and Kubernetes

Containers are an increasingly popular technology used to package an application and its runtime dependencies – everything needed to run the application. Containers also isolate applications from the computing environment, making it easier to set up an application to work in the various cloud or operating system environments. 

A few reasons why containers have become popular include:

  • Provides reliable container image build and deployment to make quick and efficient rollbacks. 
  • Supports agile application creation and deployment with increased ease and efficiency of container image creation compared to Virtual Machines, the typical predecessor to Kubernetes
  • Consistency – Kubernetes runs the same on a laptop as it does in the cloud
  • Portability across various cloud and OS distributions

Advantages to K8s

A huge advantage to using K8s over virtual machines is their impressive scalability. K8s allow for an easy way to roll your applications into one. In addition, many containers let you manage your applications through bundling. Here’s one example: What if you needed to implement an automatic start/deployment of one container when another goes down? The intuitive framework of K8s makes that possible.

What if you need to implement a storage system that’s customizable to your needs? Do you need local storage? Public cloud providers? Something different? K8s include storage orchestration that allows for these storage needs and more.

Or, what if you need bins? Bin packing within K8s provides specific clusters to prompt the container to change the current state to the user’s desired state. And K8s will do this at a controlled rate customizable by you, the user.

We hope this article gave you a good synopsis of the basic capabilities of the Kubernetes container and why many DevOps professionals are opting for this over, say, virtual machines. Do you have more questions about optimizing the best container technology for your organization’s needs? APC has many data professionals and experts that can help you achieve your data goals and thought-leadership blog articles available on the APC Blog. Click here to get in touch with APC today. 


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