Managed Service Provider (MSP) Solution

Bringing visibility and cost-savings to your comprehensive talent program.


All Managed Service Provider solutions are not created equal.

Whether you are looking to build out a new MSP program or transition from an existing program, we are here to make the impact on your business minimal by doing the heavy lifting for you.


APC’s MSP solution is strategically tailored to fit your organization’s needs, as there is no one-size-fits-all. We spend the time up front to understand your unique goals in order to build a sustainable MSP solution that will exceed your expectations and move your business forward.
These are key areas that our MSP offering can address for you:

From our up-front vendor assessments to our dedicated vendor networks, we can provide the right partners to fit your business needs.  With our continuous improvement approach through SLAs and scorecards, you won’t be burdened with under-performing vendors. 

A single point of contact for any issues and flow downs, as well as full visibility into spend through a single source of invoicing, will not only free up time, but will also provide new levels of transparency to the business.

Our state-of-the-art SOW tracking will never have anyone guessing where a project stands.  At the touch of a button, you will have up-to-date information on all project financials and timelines.  This can be done for each SOW, while also allowing you to gain insight into the total SOW spend enterprise-wide because it’s all captured in just one system.

Whether transitioning an existing contingent base, rebadging FTEs, managing an intern program, or onboarding non-recruited consultants, our payrolling system can help.  Having a payrolling partner that is able to add this spend into an MSP program will give an additional layer of understanding around your contingent workforce.

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APC’s MSP approach offers the expertise, technology, and resources–as well as the highest levels of partnership and communication–to solve your toughest staffing challenges. Our fully customizable approach and dedicated team will work with you to build a contingent workforce program with the best talent both now and in the future, while still controlling costs and giving you full visibility into every aspect of the program. Highlights include:

Managed Workforce Services

In the ever-changing world of workforce services and solutions, it’s critical that your business has the ability to secure the right talent at the right time and cost. APC offers a full suite of customized workforce solutions designed to fit your specific business needs.

IC Compliance/Risk Control

When it comes to independent contractors (IC), compliance with government regulations can be time consuming, confusing, and costly. Let us take the worry out of the process by managing the IC vetting process end-to-end.

MSA Flowdowns

It’s important that all of your suppliers are on the same page and following your master agreement. Our MSP solution ensures that this information has a consistent flow-down.

Hard & Soft Cost Savings

Eliminate your administrative and infrastructure costs while optimizing your workforce and leveraging your spend.

Invoice Consolidation

Reduce labor costs and administrative duties while increasing visibility through our program’s invoice consolidation.

Tech Integration/Analytics

The APC system utilizes 3rd generation technology to provide seamless integration and powerful analytics to provide the visibility needed to oversee, manage, track, and optimize your workforce.

Market Rate Information

Instant pay rate analysis by skill and market gives you the valuable data you need to make decisions that give you a competitive advantage.

Vendor Management

APC builds dedicated supplier networks for its clients using a proven evaluation framework. By ranking suppliers against client strategic priorities and cost, along with quality and compliance benchmarks, APC ensures best-fit suppliers for its clients. This strong supplier management focus allows APC to optimize a client’s supply base across all job categories and geographies to drive industry-leading performance and customer service.

APC’s supplier ranking methodology creates highly optimized and customized client-supplier portfolios. The scoring system is based on feedback from various inputs that align with quality, compliance, and cost criteria. Our supplier partners are added to the network only after a complete evaluation and selection process, ensuring the optimal fit for APC’s MSP client engagements.

  • Build a tailored vendor management program for your organization.
  • Focus on your strategic vendors first, then continue to work through every classification of vendor. Turn your key vendors into true strategic relationships.
  • Standardize your processes for transitioning in new vendors, maintaining communications, and monitoring performance, thus reducing the effort to manage your vendors.
  • Create clear escalation pathways and contingency plans for addressing vendor under-performance.
  • Codify your tailored, best-practice methodology for managing vendor relationships.

  • Find phantom workforce
    • When a new Managed Service Program is put in place, many of our clients do this in order to understand how many contingent workers they have and where they are. This can take time to pull everyone into a program. We will do an assessment to locate all contingent workers within a company and share that information up front.
  • Conduct vendor assessments
    • During both our initial due diligence and implementation phases we will simultaneously conduct a thorough review of existing vendors to understand current performance levels, strengths, weaknesses, and spend. With this information we will be able to make assessments on how vendors may perform moving forward, along with data-driven recommendations on alignments at the start of the program.

This can save up to six months (or more) of time evaluating vendors in the new program, with the ability to realize performance improvements much earlier in the process.

APC applies ISO 9001 and lean engineering disciplines to all managed services, ensuring a pragmatic approach that also fosters innovation and improvement.

Our compliance team conducts regular compliance reviews to ensure performance metrics are being tracked accurately and are in compliance with contracts.

APC reduces many of the legal, procurement, and accounting costs associated with engaging vendors by:

  • Providing consolidated invoicing for all vendors
  • Auditing time and expense reports for compliance
  • Negotiating favorable contract terms and conditions with vendors
  • Responding to vendor questions and providing timely payment
  • Providing online access to purchase order utilization, timesheet detail, and management information
  • Serving as a single contact for all vendor-related issues

We use a vendor scorecard process that evaluates vendors on reconciliation, compliance scores, and performance against their SLAs, with the ultimate goal of better serving our clients. The individual supplier performance metrics will be captured on a supplier scorecard and reported to client stakeholders and contingent labor suppliers.


These metrics are fully customizable to meet our client’s program goals, as well as to measure the quality of supplier performance relative to APC’s and our client’s established service level agreements (SLAs) and program goals.

APC has developed a Vendor Performance Management Program focused on ensuring vendors receive the proper guidance and feedback necessary to be successful in the program.

The Vendor Performance Management Program is designed to define service and support expectations for vendors within the program, measure vendor performance, and create a platform to provide informative and constructive feedback regarding performance. APC will manage this effort in a manner that will include:

  • Regularly meeting with and advising vendors on how to raise the quality of their performance (i.e., the quality of contractors/services, levels of pricing, conformance to policies)
  • Providing feedback to suppliers on their performance to drive higher performance
  • Recognizing and rewarding top performing vendors with increased scope and additional business opportunities as appropriate
  • Identifying, educating, and potentially removing non-compliant or under-performing vendors to ensure best overall support to client is achieved

Technology Advantages

APC’s 3rd Generation VMS software is transformational, award-winning, and cloud-based. Our tech stack is the latest to hit the market, allowing for greater configurability and system innovation. Our solution provides a unified approach towards managing all aspects of non-employee engagement and global services procurement.
This technology provides full support for all aspects of agency workforce management. It also offers end-users a single, combined approach to source, procure, manage, and evaluate agency and independent contractors. Key advantages include:
  • Current Tech Stack

    Our infrastructure design allows for easy configurability, flexibility, and scalability. This means that we avoid programming bottlenecks and can roll out system changes in a matter of days, as well as drastically reduce the time for the initial implementation.

  • Highly Configurable

    No-walls configurability: end-users (hiring managers and vendors) can configure everything in the system—from the UI to reporting—to fit their personal needs.

  • Modern User Interface

    B2C-like interface; clean, highly intuitive, and trainer/user friendly, using the most advanced tech interface.

  • Diversity Spend Champion

    Tier 1, tier 2, and ecosystem diversity spend certified. Track your diversity spend initiatives in real time.

  • Unlimited Scale

    Multi-cloud scalability, and connect safely from anywhere on the globe. Ability to add new lines of business or locations easily.

  • Mobile

    Contingent workforce and statement of work (SOW) mobile apps which allow business to continue from anywhere without having to log in from a laptop.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    50+ standard reports and unlimited custom report capability for end-users to tailor reports based on business needs.

  • Global Passport

    Our solution is available in multiple languages and currencies; it is localization and culture customized-ready.