Facilitating A Complex Off-Shore Transition


Multinational technology company that manufactures and sells networking & telecommunications equipment


Our client was transitioning the support of several programs to multiple
off-shore locations. These programs impacted over 13,000 of our client’s
partners in the U.S. alone. It was vital that support for these programs transitioned successfully and that the off-shore operations teams were properly trained prior to the full transition.


If the off-shore support teams were not well-versed in the process & procedures of each program and also educated in each program’s respective benefits and restrictions, relationships that generate the client’s primary revenue would be damaged. Subsequently, significant sales would be lost. Failure would also result in additional up-sell opportunities being impaired.

APC Solution

APC’s team of talented professionals quickly rose to the challenge. We developed a team of partner program agents who collaborated with our client to establish a training plan for each location. The team then implemented this plan and successfully trained the off-shore teams, allowing the programs to be moved with little to no impact on our client’s partner relationships or the client’s revenue stream.


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