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Flight Risk: Elevating Flight Software To DO-178B Standards


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Our client was selected as the federally approved vendor for a large electromechanical systems project that was part of a larger multi-billion dollar military helicopter project. However, our client didn’t have the full in-house expertise necessary to develop the software to meet DO-178B flight criticality levels.

Getting 75 multi-million dollar military helicopters off the ground was mission-critical.


Without the flight-critical software development and testing clearing Level A and Level B standards, the DoD would not qualify the project to move forward. This project represented a significant piece of our client’s revenue and could be crippling to the organization.

APC Solutions & Results

Utilizing our background in providing skilled professionals for federal government programs, APC was able to find programmer talent experienced in developing flight-critical software. This provided the client with the greatly needed expertise that included training, programming assistance, critical testing, and system documentation per the strict DO-178B standards.

Having been given the technical direction necessary for the project to move forward, the client then moved multiple systems into production with Level A and Level B flight-critical software.

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