Five-Star On-Demand MSP Support


International computer systems manufacturer & solutions provider


Client has multiple divisions requiring sourcing & management of numerous niche suppliers alongside large, scalable workforces comprised of both independent contractors and non-compliant contractors (requiring employment) needing rapid onboarding & offboarding, ongoing support for multi-million dollar weekly payrolling & invoicing, benefits administration, and handling of general HR matters.


Without quick and proper alignment of niche suppliers, the client risked being unable to meet their business demands, having full visibility into the true costs of their supplier network, and properly managed accountability. They also would waste a significant amount of time sourcing suppliers to meet their highly unique needs.

Additionally, the client risked miscategorized contractor non-compliance fees & penalties, a substantial loss of business due to slow onboarding utilizing their then-existing methods, and considerable ongoing overhead costs necessary to manage this large, fluctuating workforce.

APC Solution

APC developed a concierge approach that uniquely aligns to the client’s vast needs. Because of its award-winning success, this became the base template from which similar custom solutions are modeled for other clients.

Through a close, ongoing partnership with the client’s key contacts, APC continues to understand the specific needs of the client and the individual divisions within the organization. APC’s dedicated in-house support team provides the expertise and agility necessary to allow the client to seemlessly operate their business within full compliance of supplier and employment regulations.


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