Consistent Support From A Fluctuating Team


International company with software being used in several different regions and multiple languages.


Our client was preparing to release a new product that required 24/7 support for over 500,000 users. For a previous launch, they’d hired 75 full-time employees to work internally. This required the client to continually hire and train new employees as users ebbed and flowed.


Our client was launching a product they’d spent nearly seven years and over $300M to create. In a highly visible and competitive arena, it was imperative that the client offer their end-users ready access to full support.

APC Solution & Results

APC focused on reducing the client’s operating expenses without sacrificing the service necessary to ensure a successful product launch. To accomplish this, we created a scalable IT support staff comprised of highly skilled individuals. Through a rigorous testing process we developed in-house and then conducted at an APC facility, we were able to provide a qualified contract staff that peaked at 150 individuals. This allowed our client to keep costs under control while providing world-class support to their customers.

The client was so pleased with APC’s delivery that they brought several contractors in-house as full-time employees and later turned to us for social media and bilingual support staff.


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