Plugging Into Top HR Talent At The Speed Of Light


Leading US energy company with 8M+ customers


During rapid geographical expansion through acquisition, our client’s HR director faced continual challenges in filling key roles on her 60+ member team which, in turn, kept internal stakeholders from being able to obtain the talent they needed within their respective departments.


With confidence levels of internal stakeholders shrinking as skill gaps were left unfilled, the HR director faced not only direct job risk for herself and her leadership team, but also solutions that would exceed budget and not be sustainable long-term.

APC Solution

Through meetings with the HR director, APC was able to uncover several unspoken needs from which a custom strategy was created to resolve the current issues and proactively mitigate them from reoccurring. Multiple HR focus areas were identified as lacking specialized support, which is particularly problematic for a department tasked with aggressively finding knowledgeable talent that requires minimal ramp-up time within a highly regulated industry.

With stakeholder buy-in, the on-budget plan was implemented and the HR team was leveled off through the work of an on-site APC recruitment team–a team that met the client’s growth demands in filling mission-critical positions.


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