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Client runs a service improvement program to drive increased customer satisfaction for large enterprise outsourcing customers. Program managers are very difficult to source as they must have consulting capabilities which include:
1) first-rate C-level executive communications skills, 2) deep delivery process knowledge, and 3) strong technical skills. This combination can only be provided by professionals with 20+ years of experience working in delivery for the client company.


The client’s business volume increased to the point where the number of service improvement program managers required exceeded the number which could be sourced internally. As a result, customer satisfaction issues could not be addressed in a timely manner, further impacting their business performance.

APC Solution

APC has expanded the talent resource pool by providing, on a contract basis, consultants with deep experience managing complex delivery environments. These highly skilled professionals provide the program leadership to help the local teams resolve critical situations and develop on-going programs to improve and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

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