Stepping In To Save A Client's Major Event


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Our client hosts an annual event that’s attended by thousands of individuals and prospective customers. Only nine months out from the event date, our client’s marketing team lost a key individual that assisted in the coordination of all major national events.


Having invested several million dollars and months of time into their biggest event of the year, our client risked having a lackluster show for the thousands of attendees due to inadequate support for the vendors and suppliers. Because of the event’s high visibility and significant media coverage, our client also risked having negative public relations that would affect their overall business.

APC Solution

APC supplied a highly experienced project manager that possessed great communication and coordination skills. Using their several years of success in managing business shows and events, they were able to quickly come up-to-speed on all of the key players and event details, identify problems and risks, and provide the critical assistance necessary for the event to yield the desired results.

The APC professional successfully coordinated and rolled out their part of the client’s major event, and continued to provide valuable event coordination for some time thereafter.


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