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The client’s business volume increased to the point where the number of service improvement program managers required exceeded the number which could be sourced internally. As a result, customer satisfaction issues could not be addressed in a timely manner, further impacting their business performance.


Without quick and proper alignment of niche suppliers, our client risked being unable to meet their business demands, having full visibility into the true costs of their supplier network, and properly managed accountability. They also would waste a significant amount of time sourcing suppliers to meet their highly unique needs.

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During rapid geographical expansion through acquisition, our client’s HR director faced continual challenges in filling key roles on her 60+ member team which, in turn, kept internal stakeholders from being able to obtain the talent they needed within their respective departments.

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Our client hosts an annual event that’s attended by thousands of individuals and prospective customers. Only nine months out from the event date, our client’s marketing team lost a key individual that assisted in the coordination of all major national events.

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Our client was transitioning the support of several programs to multiple off-shore locations. These programs impacted over 13,000 of our client’s partners in the U.S. alone. It was vital that support for these programs transitioned successfully and that the off-shore operations teams were properly trained prior to the full transition.

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Our client was preparing to release a new product that required 24/7 support for over 500,000 users. For a previous launch, they’d hired 75 full-time employees to work internally. This required the client to continually hire and train new employees as users ebbed and flowed.

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Our client purchased niche software that allows online transactions to be processed. During the implementation of the software, our client started experiencing excessive unexpected issues that the implementation vendor was not able to resolve.

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Our client utilizes a unique financial software that allows them to support their thousands of dealers with inventory tracking, payment processing, financing, and insurance. During a system upgrade, the software did not bridge correctly and the in-house IT team didn’t have the background required to fix it.

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Our client’s sales team was underbidding special projects due to the lack of complete information about components used in manufacturing their product. Contracts were not profitable full-term because various deliveries of multiple components were required, yet not accounted for in pricing.


After closing the $2B acquisition of a complex organization, our client was in need of change management work stream leaders to help handle the transition. In addition to supporting the executive team, help was needed to bring the acquired company’s sales and marketing collateral into compliance with the acquiring company’s standards.


Through organic growth and acquisitions, our client’s goal of 20% YOY expansion on their way to becoming the nation’s largest engineered branding supplier was at risk when their workforce became stretched too thin to meet demand while fulfilling the company’s commitment to quality.


Despite having several thousand solutions available for their sales force to offer both prospective and established customers, our client only had a few hundred of those solutions documented in an e-based sales resource.


Our client needed to build a state-of-the art interactive website for one of their partner clients. Further, the website had a hard deadline of six weeks for development and testing, after which the roll-out needed to yield significant and immediate results.


Our client was preparing to release a new product that required 24/7 support for over 500,000 users. For a previous game launch, they’d hired 75 full-time employees to work internally. This required the client to terminate all of these employees at the end of the product’s life cycle.

With nearly seven years and over $300M invested, losing wasn’t an option.


In addition to rapidly increasing costs to coordinate, manage, and maintain their data security system, our client found their system was also inadequate in the face of new government regulations. This impacted numerous data security systems across many applications, platforms, systems, and affiliates located throughout the U.S.


Our client was selected as the federally approved vendor for a large electromechanical systems project that was part of a larger multi-billion dollar military helicopter project. However, our client didn’t have the full in-house expertise necessary to develop the software to meet DO-178B flight criticality levels.

Getting 75 multi-million dollar military helicopters off the ground was mission-critical.