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Increased Tech Salaries in 2021

Increased Average Tech Salaries in 2021 Across Denver, Raleigh, Atlanta, Charlotte, Markets

Exciting new findings from the Dice Tech Salary Report Explore examine the increased average tech salary in 2021 and how it rose significantly at approximately $105,000.00, a 7% rise over 2020. Additionally, the city of Atlanta, one of APC’s primary markets, saw a big jump year over year, with a 14% salary increase in 2021 average tech salaries. 

Increased Average Tech Salary in 2021 Across APC Markets

However, Atlanta is not the only city that saw an increased average tech salary in 2021. In fact, of the top 10 cities for IT salaries, Denver is #6, and Atlanta is #10. All of APC’s markets experienced an increase in IT profession salaries: 

    • Atlanta: +14%
    • Denver: +9%
    • Raleigh: +4%
    • Charlotte: +1%


As an example, the average nationwide salary for a software developer is $120,000.00, an 8% increase to tech salary in 2021. Web Developers also saw a massive jump in compensation at a 21.3% increase. Even those job titles that are not making as much as, say, Systems Architects making over $150,000.00, are still making above $50,000.00 a year, the salary listed for a Help Desk Technician. Web Developers remain the fastest growing salary when listed by occupation, with a 21.3% increase in pay over 2020. 

The Future of Rising IT Salaries in 2022

These findings present an optimistic portrayal of the future for IT professionals since 61% of technology professionals saw a rising IT salary in 2021. However, there is also ample information in the new report that can assist clients and managers with market conditions and potentially give candidates a level set on their expectations. 

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