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Resume Soft Skills

Let’s Talk About Soft Skills, and Why It’s Smart to Highlight Them On Your Resume

You are probably familiar with the terms “resume soft skills” and “resume hard skills”.

While it is important to feature the hard skills that would be right for the job you want to apply to, many organizations also want to see the soft skills that you bring to the table. Some examples of these skills include emotional intelligence, being a team player, adaptability, and active listening.

Soft skills are a wonderful attribute to highlight on your resume because they give your potential employers more information about the HOW of your work style and ethics. In this day and age, employers know that one of the biggest concerns of potential employees is the following question: Will I fit in with the company culture at this organization? When you highlight your soft skills in your resume, you are demonstrating how you would fit into the company culture.

Hard skills may get you the job, but your soft skills are how you can develop and further your career. For example, if you are able to demonstrate consistent success in client negotiations, your organization’s leadership will most likely recognize this as an invaluable trait. This could in turn position you for future raises and promotions.

Management leaders within a company don’t just want an employee that can come in and get the job done. These decision-makers also want individuals who can use their communication (verbal and nonverbal), social, storytelling skills, or other soft skills to go above and beyond the need to do.

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