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We are much more than a people company–we are a full-service business partner that’s able to assist your organization navigate the evolution of workforce regulations, provide oversight of complex processes, and help mitigate the overall risk that’s inherent to managing any workforce. We also happen to be incredibly effective at finding you the talent required to thrive in a highly competitive business world.

Learn more about each of our primary business services:

  • Staffing & Talent Acquisition
  • Independent Contractor Compliance
  • Employer of Record & Payrolling
  • Managed Services & Support
  • Contract Labor Assessments
  • Aging Workforce Transitions (InPlacement)

Staffing & Talent Acquisition

Since our formation in 1993, we at APC have specialized in providing top talent for IT, engineering, marketing, energy sector, and highly skilled subject matter expert roles. Our staffing and talent acquisition solutions are tailored to each client’s needs. Our clients range from small start-ups to global industry leaders–and everything in-between.

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Independent Contractor Compliance

Concerned about co-employment risks? Since 1993, APC’s proven compliance process for independent contractors determines whether they are properly classified as a 1099 or an incorporated entity. For those that are not properly classified, APC can become their employer of record to insulate you from any potential issues. For those that are properly classified, APC can engage them as their agent of record.

Either way, APC can ensure that professionals are in full compliance with applicable IRS and DOL rules and regulations, as well as your internal guidelines. There are also substantial cost savings that can be realized!

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Employer of Record & Payrolling

Already know the professional you want to engage? APC’s Employer of Record (EOR) or Agent of Record (AOR) Service is your solution for managing aging workforce issues and mitigating co-employment risks for self-sourced professionals, former employees and contract workers.

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Managed Services & Support

APC’s managed services assist clients with functions that lay outside their core business. APC empowers clients to purchase services based on use – rather than time – reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO). Since non-applied time can account for more than 30-percent of a service’s total cost, overall expenditures can be significantly reduced and specifically tracked against budget or revenue line items. APC’s managed services effectively change variable expenses into fixed costs.

APC’s applies ISO 9001 and Lean Engineering disciplines to all managed services ensuring a pragmatic approach that also fosters innovation and improvement.

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Contract Labor Assessments

Utilizing APC’s CLASS (Contract Labor Assessment, Standardization, and Sustainability) Program, APC can perform an assessment of your contract labor (contractors, consultants, staffing, temporaries, and contingent labor) functions for:

  • Phantom Workforce
  • Management Control
  • Excessive Costs
  • Compliance Issues


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Aging Workforce Transitions (InPlacement)

APC can relieve the pain of losing key retirees by providing Employer of Record (EOR) or, if appropriate, Agent of Record (AOR), service to allow them to continue to work full-time, part-time, or on a project basis until the transition of their knowledge and contacts is completed. If desired, we can also find a qualified replacement – even recruit someone that worked for your firm previously.

APC’s EOR and AOR teams will work with you to develop retention and/or replacement strategies for key retiring employees to allow easier successions and transitions!

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Don't take our word for it!

  • Support staff is readily available
    & responsive to requests. Those
    qualities show a commitment to
    us as employees.
  • I feel that APC values my
    contributions - I appreciate the
    independence provided.
  • My APC manager keeps regular
    contact with me. Whenever I
    have a question/concern, it is
    handled efficiently.
  • Whenever I have a question I
    get an immediate response.
    [My recruiter] also worked with
    me to get a raise this year,
    which was great!
  • My APC contact always makes
    me feel valued.
  • Ever since I started working with APC,
    I found I was always treated like a
    knowledgeable professional, always
    with courtesy and appreciation. One
    of the great things about APC is the
    amount of care invested in those like
  • [My APC manager] does a great
    job keeping me updated.
  • Working with APC and their extremely
    professional staff to manage my
    [APC client] contract has been a totally
    seamless process. It's obvious that
    they have done this many times before
    and have the process down to a science.
  • APC is very responsive and
    always looking for ways to
    help me achieve my goals
    towards [my] business needs.
  • It is rare in business when one
    can focus on the job at hand
    and spend virtually no time on
    administrative time-consuming
    detail--in this case, APC has
    made this easy.
  • APC has become our primary source for software
    engineers. The candidates we receive from APC
    have consistently been of high quality and on
    point with our requirements. APC has been able
    to provide very good engineers with difficult-to-find
    skill sets when other agencies have come up empty.
    Additionally, the staff at APC is excellent to work with.

    Greg G.
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    I wanted to send you a quick note to let
    you know that every interaction I have
    had with APC has been very professional
    and excellent experience. I appreciate
    that [APC Client] has engaged a third-party
    vendor of this caliber to interact on their
    behalf with their sellers.

    Colleen V.
  • video_forest
    I wanted to send a big THANK YOU for
    your recent support of our acquisition. We
    threw a lot at you at one time with a very
    short lead time and you handled it beautifully.
    I was 100% confident that APC would get it
    done because I know you always do. Thank
    you very much for your outstanding support.

    Michelle J.
  • video_forest
    You and your staff have always been expeditiously
    responsive every time I've had to contact you with
    a compelling or non-urgent request. I'm looking
    forward to your next "checking in to see how
    things are going" visit. Always a pleasure to see
    your smiling faces and hear suggestions
    you have for keeping the client happy.

    Lori C.
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    I wanted to take a minute and recommend the
    people and services of APC. We appreciate the
    work that APC does for us and equally
    important, how they work with us. Of all the
    partners in our program, APC continuously
    performs at a very high level and their people
    and services regularly surpass others in their
    field. I recommend using APC and look forward
    to working with them in the future.
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    The professional support from APC
    not only builds trust and confidence
    with me, but surely provides the
    same with [APC] clients. I am proud
    to be part of the APC team!

    Alan S.
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    Whenever I need something--
    whether to discuss a timesheet,
    benefit issue, or upcoming project
    or uplift on a project--I always
    receive a prompt answer. APC's
    support staff is always available,
    friendly, and professional.
  • video_forest
    The orientation experience was
    quite easy and seamless.