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Key Techniques in the War for Talent

Key Techniques in the War for Talent

No matter your industry, if you’re in the market for top talent, chances are you’ve been affected by the recent labor shortage. So now more than ever, it is imperative for hiring managers and executives to utilize unique and creative ways to attract top candidates in today’s war for talent. 

According to Forbes, “One of the most common problems that every business faces is a shortage of top talent. In the world of click-and-post modern marketplaces, an unwritten expectation is that increasing your applicant pool will also increase your chances of hiring your ideal candidate — marketplaces capitalize on this. But, unfortunately, they don’t tell you who you’re looking for typically doesn’t live there.”

How can companies utilize top strategies to win the war for talent?  

  • Move away from generic job descriptions. Include specificities in your job posting that appeal to the bigger and better job opportunities candidates desire in today’s market.
  • Sourcing: Take time to think about where your candidates spend their time – on the Internet and off. Meet them where they’re at.
  • Add some personality, even some humor, into your interview process. This reminds your candidates that they’re dealing with a human, not an HR robot.
  • Timeliness: Don’t wait around to extend an offer to a candidate. Experts recommend presenting an offer to a candidate within 24 hours after the final interview.

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