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Gen Z Retention Rates

Gen Z: Attitudes Towards the Workforce & Staffing Firms

Many hiring managers and staffing firms struggle with adjusting their strategies for attracting candidates across generations. Now, as more Gen Z begins to enter the workforce, executives are tasked with the new challenge of understanding Gen Z and meeting these candidates where they are. New research from Bullhorn indicates that when it comes to modernizing their strategies to connect with this generation.

According to Bullhorn, “We asked Gen Z respondents to weigh in on how technology impacts their experience. While one-third had no opinion on the subject, those with an opinion expressed a strong desire for a more modernized recruitment process. Eighty-nine percent of respondents with an opinion on the topic of staffing websites said that an outdated website makes them distrust a firm. Eighty-five percent believe the entire recruitment process is outdated.”

So, what can hiring managers do to ensure that their strategies for attracting members of this generation are meeting the candidates where they’re at? Below, we cover just a few key points from StaffingHub and Bullhorn that paints a quick picture of what Gen Z is looking for in their job opportunities in this current market.

What are some implementation tactics for hiring managers to attract and retain more Gen Z candidates?

  • Ensure you’re using reliable technology – and more technology, at that – in your hiring process.
  • Meet them where they are. Gen Z doesn’t want to be called on the phone, they prefer emails. And, they prefer to be reached out to 2 – 3 times a month.
  • Streamline your process for the candidate’s experience. Many members of Gen Z left promising job opportunities because the process was too complicated, took too long, or they struggled with reliable communication with their recruiter.

StaffingHub also says that “Three-quarters of Gen Z respondents have abandoned a promising job opportunity. For the vast majority of them, the reason was problems with the hiring process (i.e., poor communication from the recruiter, the process took too long, or the process was too complicated).”

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